I’ve allied my pride and grandeur with my snidely chide and banter

I’m down on her wicker chairs - ripping on her hair

I hound her and bicker ‘til I lick her fair and square

‘Cuz I supply the answer

She really needs the leads a guy like I can grant her

Speaking of peaking my he man laughter

She’s bleeding the brakes and it’s taking her half of the afternoon

I’m splitting a gizzard as a blizzard is burying

The girl and the food that the good girls carrying wet and ruined

I’m the dispeller

The fellow that yells at her

On and on and on and on

And on and on and on and on and on

She’s implied hereafter I should hide my laughter

Blind as the relevant evidence swells

As a rain of irreverence vented and fell

Her idle lies will shaft her

I’m quick to evict her from her make believe roof and rafter

She’s planning on planting her bird house post

She’s been digging a hole with a hoe for most of the afternoon

I’m ripping and snorting from the sort of disorder

That supports my hoarding for that damn camcorder with the superzoom

words and music © Frank Allison

Guitar Chords

numbers = fret position (0 = open, X = muted) 022100 = standard E chord